I am a Photographer Developer  Marketer Designer SEO Guru

I’m Josh, a jack of ‘most’ trades with a knack for technology and an eye for photography. Over the years, I’ve poured thousands of hours into crafting websites and applications that are not just visually appealing, but also simple and functional.

My projects are born from personal experiences, aiming to add real value to everyday challenges. Whether it’s developing responsive websites, creating user-friendly applications, or capturing life’s moments through my lens, my focus is on simplicity and utility. I blend my tech skills with my photographic perspective to create solutions that are both practical and visually captivating.


For nearly 20 years, I've been behind the lens, capturing countless weddings and lifestyle moments. My journey began with AnikaLondon.com, a studio co-founded with my wife. It's evolved over time, allowing me the flexibility to explore and develop side projects that fuel my creativity.


My journey into app development started as a quest to find solutions to everyday problems. This has blossomed into a hobby I'm deeply passionate about. My design philosophy centers on simplicity and user-friendliness. I'm confident in my ability to craft almost any website or app, a skill that's become more of a passion as I've matured and encountered various challenges.


I own a large vacation rental in San Diego and have hosted hundreds of guests over the years. Drawing from my business experiences, I've successfully kept the property fully occupied, maintaining its popularity even during economic downturns.

SEO Optimization

My foray into SEO was driven by the need to increase visibility for my photography studio and side projects. While not my primary passion, I've acquired extensive knowledge in SEO, understanding virtually every aspect necessary to boost online traffic.


Anika London is a photography studio that specializes in natural, unobtrusive wedding photography, capturing spontaneous and real moments.

ElderNiche offers innovative senior living solutions, connecting seniors with assisted living facilities and home-sharing opportunities that match their interests, promoting a fulfilling lifestyle while reducing costs.

The Murray House in San Diego is a luxurious 5-bedroom vacation rental featuring amenities like a hot tub, pool table, life-sized chess game, and panoramic views, ideal for a comfortable and stylish family getaway.

Daily Deficit is an app designed for diet and weight management. Its key feature is the ability to calculate calorie counts from photos of meals, simplifying meal tracking.

An app designed for predicting optimal diving and snorkeling times in La Jolla by analyzing data like weather, marine biology, and wave dynamics, and invites user collaboration for improvements.

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